Daniel Dean Timber Company, a local logging company, buys logs around the Houston area and in many parts of east and southeast Texas.

No matter what size tract you have we are set up for it — small or large — with small crews set up for small to medium size logging jobs and big crews set up to do big logging jobs. Usually the smaller tracts we prefer to be within 40–50 miles of the Magnolia/Tomball, Texas area. For larger tracts Daniel Dean will go as far north as Lufkin, Texas. We will go to any place within the state if it is 100+ acres. If you are wanting to sell your timber, Daniel Dean will meet with you at your property and give you an estimate. They can help you with your short– and long-term goals and can do a custom logging job to accommodate your plans.

Cutting Timber is Not Land Clearing

A logging operation includes leaving all tops, limbs and brush on the ground, and it’s a mess. If you want the mess cleaned up, we can do so with land clearing equipment. This could include bulldozers, trackhoes, stump grinders, etc. Standard procedure for residential land clearing is to dig stumps where a foundation will be placed and grinding all other stumps.

Daniel Dean can visit with you to discuss exactly what you want your property to look like and what it’s function will be. They can customize your logging job so you can determine what trees are cut — and which are to remain — so your property will be headed in the direction you want it to go.

If you want clean-up work performed, please refer to our website for land clearing.

Call Daniel Dean Timber Company today to find the value of your timber: 281-356-3326

Hyde-Ax 570 Feller Buncher SawheadOur Hyde-Ax 570 Feller Buncher Sawhead cuts trees at their base and falls them with less damage to residual trees. Watch our video on how efficient this equipment is.
Timberjack 460 Log SkidderOur Timberjack 460D Log Skidder grabs the logs from the big end and drags them to where they can be loaded onto logging trucks.